Data driven services

We work across industries to help clients solve their important challenges in business and technology. We offer digital services, software development and improving how digital is done in organizations. We have a wide understanding of technology and a toolset of modern frameworks and methodologies. We have several years of experience in software development. We extended the scope of problems to tackle as we also want to see the impact being made to organizational issues. We truly make a deep-dive into your data. Guided by business and user needs, we design end-to-end overall architecture, which is needed to ingest, process, store and publish data for further usage.

Campus IoT data ecosystem

University properties of Finland and Polku delivered together a digital campus ecosystem using IoT data economy. The ambitious goal is to create the most digital campus in the world.

Ecosystem deployment began in the University of Tampere.

Our solutions

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Our Digital Twin Platform – Twinly – allows creating and managing built environment digital twins throughout their entire lifecycle. The digitalization process is easy, fast and scalable thanks to our deep technology conversion technology. Our platform offers user interfaces to the digital twins in 2D abd 3D. Platform provides REST APIs for linking data, storing data into its data lake and reading data for various use cases and analytics.

Some of our recent projects

Delivered connectors (integrations)
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  • SOAP

  • MQTT

  • Websocket

  • Webhooks

  • OAuth2

  • Cloud integrations

  • Enterprise Service Buses

Our integration solutions always take into account the performance, scalability and security requirements of our customers. We have built several dashboards that visualize data transactions, audit logs, process statuses, assets etc.

Technical team

Vladislav Jumppanen

Chief Technology Officer

Digital projects, data, integrations

+358 40 5026597

Arto Ranta

Chief Data Officer

Solution delivery, IoT applications

+358 40 4868779



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